Friday Lady on a Cafe Racer

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Friday Lady on a Cafe Racer

The insouciant face, the hitting-the-ton lean, and drop earrings with a party dress make this so full of win that you may need to consider buying a bigger win bag.

Feel free to write an appropriate piece of short fiction in the comments.

To the untrained eye this may look like a Harley Sportster 883 but closer inspection shows the distinctive parallel twin of  a Triumph. Rider has awesome boots and mad skills at knowing the bike goes where you look.

Give it up for Anke Eve Goldmann!

Triumphy but tank a mystery. Nice clip ons. Unknown rider is, as John Berger would say, actively returning and confirming the gaze of the masculine spectator.

Friday Lady on a Cafe Racer

Revolutionary late 60’s in-line four the Honda CB750 with French singer-actress Françoise Hardy, who rode the shit out of it.

via Silodrome