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hello old friend

I bought this Polaroid 690 maybe 10 years at a second hand camera store in Shinjuku for about ¥20,000. It folds down neatly into small booklet that hangs nattily over the shoulder. Reopening in another thing and I’ve forgotten how a few times and have been left looking like a monkey with a puzzle box. Polaroids in a way we’re a kind of precursor to photography as social activity that flickr is now. You could take one along to a party and document it as you went along. One version of polaroid film allowed you to draw in coloured pencil on it. Other than that they had their own special colour cast, were more boho than slide film, and you could chastise people for shaking them to get them to develop more quickly. Like teddy, it got stuffed in the cupboard when my first digital camera come along and there it sat until Saffy talked me in to getting a cartridge of film from KMart. (You should also check out the amazing Viv collection.)

[Polaroid SLR 690 which everyone respects – I’ve got to have a General Research 690 Case]

Oh yeah the risotto, it’s magnificent. Make a risotto as per usual with finely chopped onion and clove of garlic base with chicken stock. Meanwhile, take a couple of italian sausages brown them and the add a finely sliced fennel bulb (reserve a tablespoon of leaves for the end) and allow to gently sautee with the sausages. When the sausages are cooked, slice them and then return the slices to the pan and sautee a little longer. Add to the risotto at the finish along with the fennel leaves and a little butter. Stir through well, add some parmesan, season and serve. Really very good, should have cracked a bottle of wine with it. No pics though.

Polaroid of my (phwoarr) brekky at Sayers in Leederville. Good it was. Surprisingly nice depth of field in the photo, no?

sayers breakfast


got your prawn f*cking cocktail

1970’s Women’s Weekly Cookbook vs the Country Women’s Association cookbook in a battle royale for Saturday night’s dinner party. I only wished I’d dressed up for it.

Sheer flash of 70’s luxury item, the prawn cocktail, outmuscled by Jo’s simply amazing you will rarely have anything in your life this good CWA Lancashire hotpot. Brandied potatoes accompanied, as did a country loaf with knife on table.

lancashire hotpot

Fun had by all, mysterious new transitional dimension posited for Eurovision song contest between taking the piss and completely sincere. Difficult to grasp for most as both can’t simultaneously be conceived at the same time by anglophones.

Official Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbook Cocktail Sauce

2 tbs of tomato sauce; 1 dessertspoon white vinegar; 1 dessertspoonful worcestshire sauce; few drops of tabasco; 1/2 teaspoon mustard; 2 tbs lightly whipped cream.

Also: I have the best cleaver ever. More later.

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