Squid Salad

Got my bearings on this from a Bill Granger cookbook, can’t remember the name but it’s the one with the bay shot on it.

The dressing is a quarter cup each of fish sauce, lime juice and palm sugar (comes in blocks and you shave off what you need) with a clove of minced garlic.

I was pretty happy with the mix of lettuce with some mint leaves and some basil from my feral metre high basil plant. Added some chopped spring onion and cherry tomatoes for a little more content.

The squid was some baby squid I’d bought, cleaned and scored. Just cooked in a pan for two minutes. Apparently for squid it’s either 2 minutes or an hour in what would be a longish trough shaped graph of tenderness.

Squid goes into greenery and is topped by dressing.

Good. Pretty straightforward so easily done on short notice, which it was.