The Nookenbah Bistro

The Noonkenbah Pub Bistro in Innaloo is a gem and offers a clear choice. You can put up with the time tunnel decor circa.1983 and the plastic chairs OR go somewhere a little more chi chi and pay twice as much for half as good. The place hasn’t changed much since the days when I trekked down to the nearby Bucks Off bottle shop to buy some booze for the school ball. All red bricks and Fred McCubbin prints – waitresses call you luv.

My need for steak after a discussion involving the use of semi-colons had to be met. The $15 sirloin with mushroom sauce lives happily here. Mine was cooked how I wanted with a cut of steak that was tender and large. The salmon steaks were superb but for a little overenthusiastic application of hollandaise sauce. There was no trace of the Moroccan Lamb after my friend had her way with it. The salad bar was a little uninspired but hey. There’s also usually a good range of specials and they like their fish specials. Beer is pub prices and the wine isn’t much more than bottle-shop.