Tuna with Pesto ; Zucchini and Boccocini Stacks

Before I have to pick light airplanes out of it, I thought the basil in my garden had to be put to good use. Pesto was an obvious choice – a fairly straight forward one of roughly equal parts of pinenuts, basil, parmesan, with a bit of pepper and salt and two cloves of garlic – all pureed with enough olive oil to get the oiliness about right,

The tuna had been sitting in the freezer in sashimi size slices and was a low-carb alternative to pasta so out it came and cooked quickly on both sides in a little olive oil. A dab of pesto on each slice.

The zucchini was made up on the run. I started by cutting it into centimetre rounds and browned them a little in a pan with some garlic. I then saw some boccocini in the fridge. This became a small sandwich with the zucchini for the bread with a slice of boccocini and a couple of mint leaves in the middle. They went in the oven for about 10 minutes.

The two complemented each other well and the mint flavour settled down a lot.