Belgian Beer Cafe

My life has been a fortunate one rather than a lucky one. Not to be at all maudlin but I’ve lacked those moments which make other people go “bastard”. One exception came with a message from my friend as to whether I’d like to join him for a free lunch at the then new Belgian Beer Cafe.

Graham had won lunch for 6 at a guess the beer competition – richly rewarding his years of hard work and research. As we sat down on the day, my friend asked if beer was included in the “free” and we were told “yes” and they’d tell us when it would stop. I never made it to the stop point -the alcohol level of Belgian beers starts where others stop – and wove off on my bicycle somewhere through the second lap of the beer menu.

I popped in there again on Friday for a couple of cheeky ones and to eat their pommes frites. I had the wheat beer Hoegaarden and the Abbey made Leffe Blond. Both are such exceptional starters and such pleasant drinks that whoever ordered the bourbon and coke or the two bottles of Vodka premix should consider themselves lucky that my friend’s description of himself as a Beer Nazi is figurative rather than literal.

My adventures stopped at those two and I didn’t even get to try the topical beer special Judas. I’ll have to go back next time I’ve got a fistful of cash . The beers are well worth exploring. While wine tasters go on about the influence of the soil, one beer, an Orval I think, tasted of dirt.

And it was good.

Belgian Beer Cafe Westende – corner of Murray and King