Benefit Gig at the Hyde Park Hotel / Phi Yen

Grabbed a bite to eat pre-show at the Phi Yen Vietnamese restaurant and was a bit disappointed. They’d previously been on Bulwer Street and were your classic knock up restaurant and almost always packed. They’d since moved down (up?) to Brisbane Street with swisho new decorations looking like they’d been set upon by TV renovators. The food wasn’t as good as I remembered, maybe the new decorations raised my expectations. Maybe the bitterness that they’d successfully redecorated and I hadn’t, turned the food to ashes in my mouth. Menu’s still pretty cute though. Meal was washed down with a Nuovo Rosso made in Adelaide which is another chilled red – went well with the meal with a bit of a hint of sherry there somewhere.

The benefit gig was a pleasure and reminded me to get off my arse and go out and see more bands. Hats off to all concerned.