Belgian Cafe amongst others

Anniversary today and Toni was being a saint by looking after two little kids from 6am while their Mum was taking a break by doing the Rosie O’Grady triathlon. By the time she’d got back, we decided we should go for breakfast. This turned into a debacle after Cottesloe was filled by people scurrying westwards with a bit of sunshine. We then seemed to miss every other breakfast serving we tried and ended up on the docks of Fremantle eating overcooked eggs, listening to bagpipes just to stave off food rage. A slice of lemon brulee and a vanilla milkshake elsewhere later made up for it.

Dinner was a better effort with a trip to the Belgian Beer Cafe. On the beer front, I had the beer of the month Judas ,which was exceptional in its depth and length of taste; and the Duval which is often good but too sharp for dinner. Toni had the Hoegaaden Grand Cru which was a little blonder and a little sweeter than the Judas but just as exceptional and a better choice for her scallops. We shared some bread with chicken live pate and onions for entree. I had the pork knuckle for main. More like a shank, it had been smoked and then slow roasted with an apple and balsamic glaze served on stoemp – mash with bacon and cabbage. The pork had a strong smoky salty taste and it was a good match for a strong beer. A lager would have just been a palate cleanser.

Cooking breakfast myself next year.