Easter Smoked Cod Pie

I guess if pushed I’d have to line up as some kind of agnostic Anglican but, to be honest, Easter has about as much spirtual significance for me any of the number of other religious festivals that fall around this time of year. My funniest memories of Easter would be my Dad eating salami on Good Friday to provoke us into pleas of stopping lest he be struck down in front of the fridge. He never was, but as somebody who strictly observed “Smoked Eel Day” in Japan, I’ve a soft spot for food related traditions. Daytime telly pointed me in the direction on this recipe and a chance stopping at at Seafood Van with smoked cod on the way to the farm led me to this recipe .

It extends a very traditional recipe just far enough with the capers and the lemon. I only made a couple of changes. As well as smoked cod, I used some dhufish fillets and the meagre haul of yabbies we caught.

Became part of a very long and enjoyable lunch which stared about 11:30 with a beer and finished 12 hours later in a beanbag.

Footnote: Dhufish is also wrongly called Jewfish. So to help out with this this campaign the fish has nothing to do with Jews.