Coopers Heritage Premium Ale

I bought a 6 pack of Coopers Heritage Ale and found it one of the nicer locals I’d had of late. I was about to give it a write it up when a bit of research led me to stumble across Beer Ratings. A quick read took me back to my days as an horrendous music snob- if music writers are frustrated musos then pity the frustrated music writer. Anyone who’s read an indy ‘zine or Hi-Fidelity will recognise the features but it may be missed how much of a template they are for obsessive male behaviour.

If I weren’t so lazy I’d do a separated at birth type thing but the features should be obvious. Go here and have a quick game of bingo

  • lengthy noun clauses

  • accusations of selling out

  • accusations of cashing in

  • old stuff better

  • bagging imagined target audience

  • lack of perspective

  • invitations to acts of a sexual nature

Sad or, as Heath Sensei put it more sagely to a Ducati loving boy, “loving something very much is a good thing but it doesn’t mean you have to hate other things”.