After a few racy posts yesterday I needed a stiff drink and thought I’d try some of the Limocello I’d been given with the instructions to keep the bottle in the freezer and to drink it straight from a frozen glass. Making for a good aperitif, it tastes much like a sweet lemony vodka. I found out it is actually that and if you’re looking for a home project, you could always try this.

I attempted this kind of home made booze in Japan. This is the traditional plum wine called umeshu. You make it by putting green plums and rock sugar in a jar and then filling the jar with a kind of Japanese vodka called shochu and then leaving it for a few months. It’s like a beefed up sherry and you can eat the plums as well. With a 2 litre batch it also means you’re not going tofind yourself short on drinks around the house for a while. Pictures of making it are here.