How safe is that steak?

This article in the Age started off like it was going to be a “jeez we’re the best in the world” type article on Aussie beef production but push on and it comes up with some worthwhile stuff on hormones, chemicals, and clueless butchers. This part pleased me the most-

And finally, I’d make sure the beef I was eating was pasture-fed, not lot-fed. I know today’s chefs love the big, fat flavour of 300-day grain-fed Wagyu beef, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: Between 1999 and 2001, Queensland beef farmer Deb Newell ran a series of national beef tastings using farmers, restaurateurs, chefs and journalists (disclosure – I was one). During those three years we tasted countless pieces of pasture-fed and grain-fed beef. At the end, there was a unanimous preference for the flavours of pasture-fed beef.

Free the cows.