Down South

More roving about. This time we headed north towards Dunsborough and drove around until we magically found ourselves at the Bootleg Brewery. It’s well designed for spending an afternoon there and they’re quite serious about their beers. I just had time for their new Pale Ale. I enjoyed it and thought it was a good choice for anyone who thought the Little Creatures Pale Ale was a little on the sweet side.

I should have taken my time. The second brewery, Wicked Ale is a work in progress I hope. The wheat beer was watery and the dark beer they had was like one of my own home brews on an average day (not good). Novelty beers like chilli beer can’t do it any favours. Ah well.

The good thing about this was stumbling across Yallingup Woodfired Breads. There was a sign on the road and we turned and pulled in only to find the place deserted. We walked up to the door to find some bread on a table with the note “back at 3, please try the bread”. There was a small jar for money, a few more loaves for sale, and two loaves for tasting with a board and a knife. Snatching the money, we jumped back into the Volvo, snapping the car into the reverse and tearing down the road with a rooster tail of dirt pluming behind us. Ha! Actually, no we found both of the anonymous breads fantastic, one, I think, was a rye bread and the other was a pumpernickel. I can’t remember the last time I had bread this good, maybe I haven’t. The bread is organic and free of artificial additives and obviously made by somebody who has made their bread the result of their principles and outlook. I can’t recommend the bread highly enough. We bought two loaves and left our money in the jar. The bakery is on the corner of Biddles and McLachlan Road, Dunsborough.

In the afternoon we got a Barbie going out the front with some wood and a steel plate on some bricks and cooked up our sausages, a few lamb chops, sweet potato, salad, and some red snapper cooked in foil with parsley, butter, and a few slices of lime.