Rolled pork belly wrapped in prosciutto

pork and fennel[a later reconstruction of the dish]

I found a lovely piece of free-range pork down at the Herdsman. It was a piece of pork belly with the skin removed and then rolled and tied into a roll. Very cute – looked like the kind of roast you could munch on while driving down the road with your elbow out the window.
Lovingly tied as it was, I ended up removing the string and wrapping it in prosciutto – unfortunately it burst its smallgood chains half way through, but no harm done.

6 inches of rolled pork belly
150 g of thinly sliced prosciutto
1 tbs truffled mustard
8 sage leaves
salt and pepper
fennel leaves

fennel bulb, quartered and halved
purple-skinned sweet potato, peeled and chopped into bite sized pieces
bunch of broccolini

Rub a line of mustard along the top of the pork. Roll it a quarter and then place the sage leaves on top. Season well and wrap with the prosciutto.
The pork is roasted with the vegetables and I kept them nice and tight in my nice Raymond Loewy cast-iron pot. The addition of ingredients is staggered over the hour or so of cooking as follows
0 min – good splash of olive oil and in with the sweet potato into a 190C oven.
15 min – fennel and pork added with a few fronds of fennel – another splash of olive and a pinch of salt
25 min rotate pork to ensure all-over crispiness
30min turn down to 170C
Cooked minus 10 min – broccolini and another splash of olive oil.

When the pork is done, allow it to rest and then serve on top of the vegetables. Didn’t bother with a sauce.
It’s a lot of oven opening but as the temperature heads down over cooking, no biggie.



  1. Carmen’s avatar

    Hi my dear,
    found you through Jason Boudville’s blog. Like you recipe’s. I don’t like Herdsman. Far too expensive (I’m not a CUB). What the hell does truffled mustard taste like???
    Have I been hiding under a rock for the past 14 days. Anyway I told all my friends about your blog so lets get cooking.
    By the way, I am a foreigner and I still didn’t figure out how to do spell check on comments.

    Take care

    1. Anthony’s avatar

      Well it does have expensive things but you’ve gotta get out of your head that food is cheap – somewhere along the line some animal’s been fucked over, some grower shafted, or someone’s cutting corners. That said, I’ve got the felling Simon Johnson’s getting some pretty fat margins on capers.
      Case in point – fantastic! It’s like mustard in 12 dimensions, one of which is dimension earthy
      I’m not sure.
      Spell check is for citizens and besides, it’s overrated as an editing tool.

      You too and welcome.

    2. santos.’s avatar

      i think this is probably more hal hartley-ish pork belly than your hal hartley pork belly braised with pears. i think it might be the martin donovan in 12 dimensions, one of which is dimension earthy

      although, i heard he is 12 dimensions of arsey, too

      i’m going to have to borrow that photo soon.

    3. Anthony’s avatar

      ooh the hal hartley pork and pears …

      Martin Donovan in 2 dimensions. I had a look to see what he’s been in recently and what hasn’t he been in recently? Ghost Whisperer!?!?

    4. santos.’s avatar

      it was a crime that he wasn’t nominated for…something…for his crossing guard role in “pete&pete” (comes in at 1.27)

      1. Anthony’s avatar

        That’s the Martin Donovan I know and kudos to him for nudging Patty Hearst out of the crossing guard role.

        I can’t believe someone compared smoking with Hitler.
        That’s comment thread gold.

      2. jean’s avatar

        I’ve been meaning to pay a visit but being south of the river meant “le chaffeur” was unwilling to go there unless we were going to Freo for ramen.

        That picture looked erm delicious ;)

      3. Anthony’s avatar

        To cross the river is to cross a world.

      4. gracianne’s avatar

        I think I could cross the world for a slice of this roast, hummm, I’ve got to try this. Mustard in 12 dimensions, really?

      5. Anthony’s avatar

        Yes! Please do – it’s lovely.

        The mustard tastes like this:

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