Plain Mushroom Omlette

Omlettes are my Roadrunner. I’m still yet to get there, but today I came closer to working them out.

I’ve been revisiting my copy of Le Cordon Bleue at Home recently and I discovered that they use neither milk nor water. I had to reread it to clear up my years of misapprehension and yes, no.

So the omlette became: 7 Golden Valley free range eggs, a tbs of melted butter, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper very lightly beaten and left. Meanwhile I grabbed a few field mushrooms and sliced them thickly and cooked them in olive oil until just yielding. The mushrooms would be added to the omlette half way through cooking.

This is as simple as it gets so I had time to think about the cooking. The secret is in the differential between the perfectly cooked base and the still a little runny top. The heat is crucial and so a thick pan helps to keep the heat steady. The runniness is enhanced by a quick shake of the pan while the omlette cooks.

Sadly the into thirds fold over and flip was a failure but the taste was good, I put that down to the eggs. The combination of heat and texture of the baked outside, the soft inside and the mushrooms was a happy one, perhaps the best yet. I’m getting there.