Meads – Mosman Park

Tucked in a quiet scenic elbow of the Swan river, Meads is one of the more highly rated Perth restaurants. It was supposed to be a small tea room where barefoot kids could buy ice-creams, but, against the protestations of the well to do in the area, became a place where plebs like me enjoy the area other than by faffing around on a surf ski.

A family get together post funeral, it got off to an unusual note with the Slovak beer I ordered coming a bottle with a page 5 girl on it, shielded only by scratch and win paint.I resisted the temptation to scratch and instead wondered if the intricacies of global logistics had left a Hooters restaurant in Texas short a pallet of beer. Despite the odd start and the sad pretext the meal went well.

I shared the blue cheese oysters with Toni – breaded and cooked in their shells. The wine, a second from the bottom choice, was exceptional – a local Stella Bella Semillon Sauvignon . Clear in colour and very crisp it got a second order. The menu looked straightforward and could have been blandly done but wasn’t. I had the Cajun Snapper on a potato cake with, what I think was a lemony hollandaise. I haven’t had anything Cajun for a long time but I was happy with my choice. Cajun spices provided one sharp note of hotness which lingered for a while – especially as I cleaned out the remnants from between my teeth. Of the 7 mains, all were enjoyed. The finish was a sticky date pudding, which, being faithful to it’s reinvention as nostalgic comfort food, had a strong but pleasant taste of Golden Syrup.

Not a cheap night out obviously but worth saving up for and as we walked out I saw a mum with her two pre-teen sons having dinner. Must have come for the ice-cream.