Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon has a little more to it than beef stew with red wine. I was hoping to get away with a link to an on-line recipe. Instead, I’m keeping as close to my, form of forms, Le Cordon Bleu cookbook as I can – the book bulges with years of dogged perfectionism and deserves respect. I stayed home last night to get the proper 12 hours of marinating. It’s now sitting in the fridge looking beautiful. Here’s what’s in there

1.5 kilograms of chuck steak sliced into 4-5cm cubes; 2 medium onions- sliced; 2 medium carrots – sliced; salt; 20 (yes 20) black peppercorns –crushed; 2 cloves of garlic –crushed; 10 stalks of parsley; 4 sprigs of parsley; a bay leaf; 3 sprigs of thyme; a splash of cognac; 1 bottle of clean skin cab sav.

Stage one done.

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    so do you believe in adding tomatoes or not? Have you every tried it on polenta?

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