The Road to Kalgoorlie

I’ve had some good drives in my life – Vegas to LA in a Lincoln Town Car, winding seaside and mountain roads on Izu Penisula near Tokyo in a MX5/ Eunos Roadster/Miata, anything in my first few years of driving. The 600kms from Perth to Kalgoorlie at night wasn’t one. NOT to discourage people from making the trip, quite the opposite, but be prepared for a 100 mile no town scrubby stretch. Got things off to a good start with an intractable discussion on progressive tax rates but a few lollies, a dozen donuts and a few beers cheered things up.

The trip was slowed down by a 30 minute wait for a steakburger at Cunderdin as four of our orders plus a few phone-in takeaway pushed the kitchen to breaking point. Boredom reduced driver Greg to researching caffeine levels of drinks in the fridge while waiting. Good burgers though. Cunderdin has the distinction of having a real country pub built to look like a fictional one.

Got to Kal at 11:15PM. Our host, birthday boy’s Dad Ashley, not only stayed up for but kindly asked me at 12:30 if I’d like to go for a drink in town. Made it back two hours later having seen a stellar performance of young drunk dickheads v. hopeless bouncer. Only made it to two places – Kalgoorlie pubathon next time.

We stayed up to talk rubbish for while, keep everyone else awake, and finish off a bottle of very tasty Sam L Smith Organic Best Ale