The people under the stairs

Wagged class last night to go to my first Perth blogger meet-up at the Criterion in town. The last time I was there I was a young barman wannabe doing a bit of work experience and distinguished myself by yanking out a tray of glasses from the rack and forgetting to grab the other end and so ended that career path.

Cheers to all who went for making it a much improved experience. Mark has the details of attendees at Twisted Hamster – follow the links – you’ll be glad you did.If this sounds like your bag and, these things are only the sum of their parts, go to the Perth Blog Wiki.

Also: the the free picture hosting service I use is not Picture Pail but Photo Bucket.

Finally, the potato wedges were good. However, my short arms kept the chips tantalisingly out of reach. Next time.

BTW: Richard coughed up for the ‘taters if I’m not mistaken. Good man.


  1. Robert’s avatar

    Bah. How come I wasn’t invited?

    No matter, I was up until 3am writing an assignment :-(

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    That and the John Howard’s 30th -not your week is it?

    Nah sorry, thought you’d be there – should have done the hard word a bit more than point you in the direction of last time’s mention of it somewhere. Judging by Wednesday, the next one is go.

    Hope that assignment got done- hats off to you doing that and providing us with some tasty schadenfreude on Trish Draper.

  3. Robert’s avatar

    Ah, procrastination — it makes the blogosphere go around.

    I think the Meetup site was sending emails to my old address, but I’ve fixed it now. I’ll definitely be at the next one.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Know what you mean, blogging’s become my 21st century equivalent of sorting out the sock draw.

    Oh yeah it’s your turn to get the chips next month.

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