It’s been over a year since I’ve been back to Japan and I’ve been getting pangs of second-homesickness. Tsunami was full, Peko Peko closing early, and Yahachi too swish. Couldn’t be bothered with going into town so this left a small Japanese restaurant called Shige that I’d seen and wanted to try despite it being in Devil Devil country.

I wouldn’t be so exclusive as to call this a “real” Japanese restaurant but if your idea of a Japanese restaurant is some bloke standing behind a BBQ plate juggling, this would be an education. It’s very simple, a bar and a few tables but the cues are everywhere. The white-board with specials written on it, a counter-top sashimi case, the middle-aged owner-chef, and a clientele of friendly regulars. The menu made me all weepy with nostalgia.

Miso soup is a kind of bread test for my wife and passed. From there we had fried oysters kaki furai; dhufish tempura; fried tofu in broth agedashi doufu; the sashimi moriawase– with salmon, tuna, octopus, dhu-fish, and snapper; and finished with pickled cucumber and daikon (sob).

It was all very enjoyable – lacking only in a few of the more interesting Japanese garnishes. I tried the dhufish as it’s a local fish but good as it was, it’s too sweet for tempura. There were more things I wanted to try but you can only eat so much, so I’ll head back with a few more people before too long. Not too pricey and BYO with bottle-shop next door – go a dry white.

Very recommended, park under the Oyster Bar and you can enjoy a romantic after dinner stroll looking across the river.

Shige21 Mends Street, South Perth

Post dinner we stopped in at a party held by a bloke with a house with seemingly the same decor as when he was a student but with a 1000hp luxury speedboat he’d built in a shed out the back. Good to have priorities. Friends got their band together after 10 years. I’d assumed a jam but they’d decked themselves out with everything bar a rotating drum kit. Lights under bushels – they’d kept us from great 80’s style hard alt rock all this time – selfish bastards. Where’s Colonel Parker when you need him?


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    Glad the tunes didn’t bring up the pre-gig dinner Devo!


  2. Anthony’s avatar


    Nah loved the band. Had a dizzy spell from the smoke machine though and Speedboat almost made me ralph with envy .

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    Apologies for not having room that night. Next time, ask to speak to me (Brett) and tell me you’re the ‘blogger guy’ and I’ll try my hardest to get you in. (I _will_ get you in save for the chef threatening violent acts on me).

    Nice that you found Shige. He’s a long time mate (20+ years) and his sushi is very good. He’s a bit of a perfectionist (like Tetsuya here). They both need to work on their sense of humour though :-)

    Brett Carboni

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