Were my house this easy.

Blogger keeps me in its grasp with the lazy man’s edict of – if you have a blog you don’t have to bark too.


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    I like the new design, no more black lines across the screen (ok, it was an Opera ‘issue’ with your site). I honestly don’t see the point of an ‘Anonymous’ comment when I’m just going to leave my detaisl at the end of it.

    By the way, if you know a constructive recipe using polenta I’d like to know, I have a bag of it that I bought in 2002.


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    Hi David

    I was messing about with the site design on the weekend and realised how tightly linked everything is – change one font, then the other’s look wrong; pick a colour then having to choose the right complementary one. Paralised by my own anal tendencies,the new template saved me from reinventing the wheel. Only had to transfer side-bar info which took about 20 minutes.

    The blogger commenting system sucks and every step you put in front of somebody performing a voluntary action, decreases the likelihood of it happening. It also doesn’t allow you to see the other comments while writing one. Hopefully a work in progress.

    Polenta – no worries. I’ll get polenta with mushrooms and cream cooked and posted soon, it’s an old favourite.

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    I came across this blog today, another cooking one and thought you would be interested;


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    Hey cheers. It’s a beauty.

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