What happened to Koeksisters? I used to love the sticky braided syrup dipped fritter things and then they vanished. Who knew they’re South African?

Anyone know where I can get some?


  1. Maurits van Eijck (vaneijck@uwclub.net)’s avatar

    Hello, as luck would have it. I have some. Baked them this morning for colleagues at the office. Thought I’d do a bit of a background on them first, so the colleagues would know what they’re eating. Yes. They’re South African. Unfotunately, they been adopted by the ight wingers in South Africa who even have a statue in their “independent white homeland’s” capital of Orania. Fitunately, the rest of the country, all of them, still enjoy the koeksister as a great snack. And mine of this morning actually turned out OK! And I’m a man by the way. Yes, we bake too!

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey great, it’s a shame when icons get hijacked by jingoists, I think you’ll just have to reclaim them. I’ve got peer group pressure manly inspiration now. Cheers.

  3. Anonymous’s avatar

    Maurits van Eijck, who ever said their right wingers .. ppl of orania ? Please stop generalising and catch a wake up. Or get back to your baking and shut up your trap.

    As for the koeksisters, you get them all over… Usually at “Tuis nywerhede”. Always in stock.

  4. nicky’s avatar

    you need to bake your own or somewhere in guildford, surrey is an afrikaans church and apparantly some fantastic ladies who bake them. i am still trying to decide whether i ditch the diet and go mad or do without.?…? oh what the heck, i need to track them down then run all the way home.

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