Coffee, Pistachio, Japanese Peanuts, and Rye

Good micro-shopping today. Kakulas Brothers on William Street in Northbridge ,with its barrels of staples with scoops, is a regular stop for me. It qualifies as one of my dream dictatorship state approved shops – forcing the masses to take account of what they’re eating from its basic form, not via some crap they’ve shoved in the microwave. Grabbed my regular [from left] Brazilian coffee beans, pistachio nuts and japanese peanuts. The coffee keeps me alive and the other two are handy if someone pops around for drinks and I’m caught short on food.

Jean-Claude Patisserie had just one tiny shop in Subiaco and often resembles the V.I. Lenin Electricity Plus Worker Power bakery with its queues. To remedy this, with impeccable Swiss logic, he’s found somewhere bigger and in a near invisible location. I went to the new one in 26 Oxford Close, West Leederville for the second time and bought some rye bread to try.

Much of the bread is organic. While I don’t regard organic as some magical talisman of goodness – it sends good signals. The first is it’s not easy to be certified organic as a farmer so the producer is making an effort. The second is that’s it’s more expensive so the baker doesn’t mind using quality as a marketing ploy. Now it could all be a fraud but you can only be so skeptical in life and it’s not hard to test the results.

The rye bread was gorgeous. Rye has a sour smell which doubles the sourness in butter. It also has a crunchy crust which takes longer to chew which means longer to sniff the aroma. Treat it like a wine and take deep breaths through the nose while eating.

3 slices – sated.

12 minutes shopping – happy.

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  1. casemnor’s avatar

    Oh how I miss Kakulas brothers….. I would go and get gobs and gobs of lokum and cheese and olives and crackers and it would see me through dark days of long hours on the terrace. There are so many things I miss, but kakulas brothers especially so.

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