James Squire’s India Pale Ale

I’ve been enjoying a James Squire’s India Pale Ale every night this week and it made me wonder when relativist become a pejorative term. I mean the use of post-modernist as one is faintly ridiculous – like accusing someone of being a beatnik, but relativists?

I’d therefore like to argue that there are no bad beers only bad contexts. Slag off Emu Export as much as you like but if it were hot (the weather, not the beer -Jesus no!) and I were thirsty well then who knows what could happen. Actually, go back and read the Emu link – the intricate workings on the existentialist dichotomy of the human mind – justice for Emu.

I’m not the biggest fan of IPAs – too hoppy and I didn’t think much of the James Squires. I’ve since realised that this was because I was drinking it out of the bottle. Once I put it in a glass I ended up buying a carton of the stuff.

Rob at the IBS says

Firstly I never rate a beer direct from a can or bottle, use a glass and where possible make an attempt at using an appropriate clean glass. Of course having the exact glass recommended by the brewery is ideal but when I don’t have this, I use for example; a standard pint pub glass for lagers, stouts and English ales; a “chalice like” glass for Belgian Ales, and flutes or champagne glasses for Lambic beers. Make sure your beer is at the correct temperature and this does not mean “almost frozen”.

Here’s my possibly-read-it-somewhere-and-too-lazy-to-look-it-up theory. The flavour is too concentrated for the spout and hits the taste buds too hard – not unlike chugging a bottle of red. The glass gives it a bit of space. This would also explain why less challenging beers, like Corona or Miller, aren’t too bad out of a bottle at all.

As a sad footnote – apprently all the good beer glass manufacturers in Europe are closing down, so get them quick.


  1. Robert’s avatar

    Mmmm… James Squire is pretty good, for a cheapish beer.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Cheapish holy Croseus, anything pricier than a carton of JSIPA and I’m down at Cash Converters with the good wife’s dialysis machine.

  3. Robert’s avatar

    I’m eliminating things like Emu Export and even VB…

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    VB will get along fine without you Rob, let the Vics enjoy it. Shift your hard earneds to to helping the people of South Australia who just got a kick in the guts. Coopers, Pike Oaksbank – virtue has its own rewards.

    Hey big trip down the time tunnel with your blogger link to Mentalspace. You hit your targets there. Hope for me yet.

  5. Anonymous’s avatar

    I think you’re onto something with the glasses: I tried IPA last year and thought it had too many bells and whistles, so maybe I’ll have to try it again.

    Oh, and hooray for Oaksbank. Don’t those folks in Adelaide have great taste?

    ~Mark @ http://twistedhamster.net/

  6. Anthony’s avatar


    I think I may be. I tried the new widgetty Guiness stubbie on Friday and the plot thickens. Waiting for a friend to email me the autopsy photos and then a post on it.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    and Oaksbank, what a lucky find. I bought it in a car parked in the drive in bottle shop impulse coz of the label and was a happy camper. I thank Don Dunstan.

  8. Robert’s avatar

    Yes, Coopers is indeed a fine drop. I’ve just spent the evening knocking back the Sparkling Ale, at Aida — an Egyptian restaurant on William/Aberdeen. Unfortunately the meal I ordered sounded quite good (rice, penne, lentils, fried onion) but turned out to be bolognese with lentils and rice mixed in. Ah well, I’ll know for next time. Smoking the hookah out on the street was pretty cool, though.

  9. Robert’s avatar

    I dunno whether you were looking at the mentalspace.blogspot.com site, or the real deal: mentalspace.ranters.net, which is far more interesting (if I do say so myself!)

    Also, I’ve met a few people who read your blog, for the recipes. One of them wants to know if you can do a vegetarian curry (not chick peas…)

  10. Anonymous’s avatar

    You are right. Emu Export is rubbish, but only in certain contexts. Too bad it’s every context that I’ve ever found myself with.

    PS Nice blog you’ve got here that I just stumbled on. An ex-Perthie in Sydney dips his hat.


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