Posts that never got finished – Paella

A lot of people may not know this but paella came to Spain via the Moores. That this goes unrecognised is a sad indictment of ignorance and prejudice and the way that legacies can be ignored to fit dominant narratives. While filming for Your Eyes Only with his then wife Luisa Mattoli,



  1. santos!’s avatar

    nonononoNOOOOOOO you cannot end with an intriguing bond reference! even if it is roger moore. heck, *especially* if it’s roger moore!

    1. Anthony’s avatar

      Moore is less.

    2. santos!’s avatar

      you had that in the bag, didn’t you.

      1. Anthony’s avatar

        It was just sitting there waiting, like a bunch of frozen canapes.

      2. Sammy Shaw’s avatar

        Wow, I had no idea paella came to Spain via the Moores. Actually, one of my favourite single pot style cooking is Paella. Now can you please finish this post ;)

      3. santos!’s avatar

        the moores. the roger moores. where’s my sad trombone?

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