Giochi Stupido, Cotoletta Milanese, Zeppole

Vented with my ill advised Grand Mal fit on pizza, I went to the Western Meat Packers-Roma Cup Italy Day races.

Horses – poor eating, poor adhesives, and poor investments.

Still, it was a beautiful sunny Perth day, an uninterrupted clear blue sky until somewhere in the hills appeared to catch fire. Swan draft middies tasted great and a few dozen of Perth’s Italian grandmother’s were kept out of mischief making traditional food. I had the Cotoletta Milanese roll, which was stupendous. A veal cutlet in a crunchy roll with cheese. I also bought some little doughy things, which I assumed were sweets but were in fact Zeppole. Zeppole is deep fried dough with anchovies in it. They make the ideal beer snack. Should be standard issue in pubs, see ya later chunky chips.