A shitload of oysters


Or as we can say in the rough and rumblous new world of social media, ‘a fuckload’. Just shipped up from Albany for me.

Doing drinks food / aperitifs / nibblies / amuse bouche / whore’s dwarves* / snacks for a wedding of 130 souls on Sunday. There will be adventures, maybe there will be stories.

Did you know that they’re still alive as they’re able to live outside of water to allow for tidal fluctuations. Anyway things to do, jars to fill.

*Plot spoiler for GoT

Also: half of quite a bit of salmon for some ‘gravel relax’.



  1. santos.’s avatar

    i was gonna say–based on the title alone–just how big are your shits anyway? but reading further–and we’re now past the 10pm watershed–i now say hellz yeeeah, bring on the bivalves and shawty whores!

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    The shitload was established by Henry the First of England who was know to have ‘dranke many ayles and ayte many curries’.

    Bivalve and curious.

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