Koeksusters – an answer.

Wooh! an answer to an earlier question about Koeksisters/Koeksusters from a South African living in the antipodes. Thanks to Cook sister! – go have a look, it’s good. This is my punishment for initially dismissing the internet as the CB radio for the nineties – such vision.

I haven’t had the chance to look at her recommended link for local supplies, but for homesick South Africans – and there are more than a couple here – it’s here. As for koeksusters, Jeanne has her own post on the subject here.

Also on her site is the news that Is My Blog Burning 5 is on. This is a one day global food blog linkup posting on a food theme. I was oblivious of until Graeme posted on it. That such a diverse group of people can unite and share their food creations from all over the globe does my heart good. That said, all this will be dropped in favour of parochialism as I go in hard to bat for this great state of ours.



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    Thanks for the links Anthony! Glad to hear that the all-conquering culinary icon that is the koeksister has made it as far as Oz and is winning fans! Did you know that in SA we love the damn things so much we have erected a statue in their honour? And if you don’t believe me, check it out here:

    Btw, sadly I’m not blogging from the antipodes, but from the Big Smoke – London. But hey, it’s summer, so no real complaints!!


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    Tut! tut! a fellow Southern Hemispheran falling for the old Empire line of London being the centre of all things. From where I am you are the antipodes

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    God, more parochialism by me. Perth people are very balanced, we have chips on both shoulders. (Ba doom)

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    OK, OK, fair comment. I have been here too long…

    Frankly, I had never used the word until I came to London – in the South African world view things are really simple – you have “home” and “overseas” – no middle ground. No need like here to classify foreign lands in terms of proximity (merely “abroad”, i.e. northern hemisphere) or lack thereof (“antipodean”, i.e. everywhere else).

    In London, antipodeans are generally taken to include Aussies and Kiwis only – South Africans are from “the colonies” but not always regarded as antipodean.

    It all depends on your point of view…


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