Pasta Cabonara

I always imagine this has cream in it but it hasn’t. Am I mistaken or are there creamy Cabonara’s out here causing dismay to Mrs Medici. Cabonara is one of those small but tasty sets of foods where the eggs are cooked by the dish itself. The technique is used in Japanese cooking with raw eggs used as a dip for the cooked beef and used in rice bowls. My favourite snack was just a hot bowl of rice and then mixing in a tin of tuna and a raw egg with a bit of wasabi.

Three things are going on:

A. A handful of chopped pancetta, a couple of finely chopped cloves of garlic, and olive oil are slowly and carefully fried. The thick base of a La Creuset pan does a good job with this. A bit of pepper didn’t hurt.

B. A couple of eggs with finely grated parmesan whisked together.

C. Cooked fettucine.

A goes on C and is mixed in , quickly followed by B.

Eggs cook parmesan melts. Good