Moby is getting a northward trip this long weekend as part of its Twilight of the Valkyries tour. We’re off to Dongara (aka Craytown). Though I think the crayfish season may be over there’ll be other fish aplenty I’m sure (subtle hint to hosts).

This means I’ll have to leave watching Supersize Me until next week. I’ve been itching to comment on it but thought it wise to actually see the thing first. Just in – did you know that to buy every single promotional toy from McDonalds you have to buy a “Happy Meal” every 3.7 days? No. Neither did I until yesterday.

Also news for me yesterday, in a not entirely unreleted point. Did you know coercion, as well as being straight arm twisting, can also mean getting someone to do something without clearly explaining the negative consequences?

Enough for now, I’ll save it for the review. In the mean time, I was a happy to see one of my all time favourite films getting a mention.

Now, must go fill up with oil and check the petrol.