The Cardinal Martini Martini

martini martini

It was with some sadness that Cardinal Martini passed away the other month. He was, as they say, one of the good ones. His conversations with Umberto Eco Belief or non-Belief? on religion and agnosticism were the kind of grown-up dialogue we could best hope for:

Thoughtful responsible believers and nonbelievers adhere to a profound sense of hūmus. of humanity, although they don’t necessarily give it the same name, there are more important things than names, and when defending or promoting essential human values it’s not always worthwhile to quibble over a quaestio de nomine, over semantics.

Admittedly he’s not wildly radical in the bigger scheme of things – just few considered variations on the big no-no’s which inevitably involve sex and sexuality and basically leaving a note saying ‘not 1812 guys’. But reading this particular Boney M fan I found that not only was Cardinal Martini a ‘heretic’, he was also ‘a modernist’, ‘a Mason’ and a Gnostic. Combine this with his last written pieces being a very jazz albumy “Conversazioni Notturne A Gerusalemme” then we’re looking at such a triumph of mid-century smoothism that, after a few of these modest tribute drinks, you’ll be making love in a Mies chair.

Vodka because its pure and uncorrupted. Martini Bianco (obviously). Whiskey as used in a smokey martini – because he was remarkably close to getting the papal smoke over reactionary benchwarmer Ratzinger. As his middle name was Maria and the role of the Virgin Mary in Catholicism a hint of virgin mary. Dangerously chthonic celery and fruits of the New World tomato with a dash of hot sauce on them (in this instance Sam Ward of El Publico’s very good hot sauce).

Cardinal Martini Martini

– Two measures of vodka
– Splash of Martini Bianco
– Splash of Laphroaig

Add a dab of tabasco or similar to a cherry tomato and small piece of celery at the end of a toothpick.
Chill your martini glasses. Shake the mix with ice. Pour, add your tomato and celery and drink thoughtfully with someone you disagree with.

Notes: And success. The boozy kick of a martini but wrapped in whisky – you’ll need some fine tuning for balance. Hot sauce adds the nices of kicky finishes. A regular no doubt.

martini martini


  1. santos.’s avatar

    only you could work in a taiwanese death metal band into this post

    1. Anthony’s avatar

      They’re Taiwanese? Woah. The Chthonic element is basically Pan’s Labyrinth in a glass but I think there’s still and opening for a Vodka Chthonic.

    2. santos.’s avatar

      mmmm, Vodka Chthonic. sort of like a summery white-count bloody mary?

      1. Anthony’s avatar

        I’m working on it.

      2. Elodie’s avatar

        I can’t think of what whiskey would taste like with vodka. I can’t find out; I have to be careful. I appreciate yr fine words about the man. Nice.

      3. Anthony’s avatar

        Too much, it tastes like whiskey. Too little, it tastes like vodka. It’s a balancing act.

        Good man. Sad to see him go.

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