Old Man Devo’s Home Made Tonic Water

Tonic water

Imagine, imagine if you knew someone who said ‘Man, there’s nothing better after a tough day than unwinding with some pasta.’ And then  you go back to their place and they’re eating spaghetti out of a can. Imagine if you knew somebody who bought the loveliest free-ranging hen, proceeded to cook it up with Chicken Tonight and then say ‘ahhh that’s great chicken.’ What would you think of that person?

And yet millions of people across this country do just the same thing every time they have a gin and tonic. $70 bottles of fine gin topped with the metallic swill of worker-hating Schweppes.

It was precisely this sad state that sent me via local superstar food photographer Jess ‘Electric’ Shaver to Jeffrey ‘Change From Your Breakfast Strudel’ Morgenthaler’s How to Make Your Own Tonic Water. I just slavishly follow the instructions, only really unnecessarily adding a few dried juniper berries and removed the sediment via the gelatine and freeze method in a coffee plunger – it’s kept its rusty cinchona hue but the cloudiness is gone.

Do it!


  1. Elodie’s avatar

    I like canned spaghetti. Obvs I can’t eat it anymore, but it was always good. But I’m just a simple Midwestern girl — if it’s not abt sausage, I don’t have an opinion about it.

  2. anthony’s avatar

    Yeah it’s like literature, if it’s not about sausage, I don’t care about it. Looking at you Jane Austen.

  3. anthony’s avatar

    Hemingway, now there was a man who could write about sausage.

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