The Kitchen

I’m a bit alarmed by the sag in my shelf.


  1. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    Dont be alarmed. Be alert to the possibility that the elusive Sag Gosht might be lurking therein.

  2. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    The previous comment was written in ancient sanskrit so I had to remove it.

    (So that’s what happens. A commenter can remove their own comment but there are faded footsteps in the sand left behind. Mmmm, you learn something new and useless everyday … if’n yer not careful.)

  3. Anonymous’s avatar

    There’s sag? In your SHELF?? Well, there’s the problem then – everyone knows spinach is no substitute for cement!! Where you SHOULD be having sag is in your sag aloo:



  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Segues ahoy. A shiny guinea to you both,

    It seems typical of blogger that they’ve restored the least loved feature of liquid paper.

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