Bishops Finger

There’s probably [hopefully?] a missing apostrophe but the name actually has a quainter history than amusing those who sniggered when they first heard the word Bishopric.

I have though discovered something very unusual, it’s so sharp and dry I can only describe this as a beer which makes you thirsty. I’m trapped in an Escher diagram…


  1. John’s avatar

    There’s also a strong ale called Bishop’s Tipple (with apostrophe), made by Ushers (I think). Actually, it is a *very* strong ale! I have fond memories of three pints and somehow getting home on my Yamaha through the centre of Wakefield (crap city in West Yorkshire), negotiating traffic lights, roundabouts and the normal drunken slobs walking the streets – still don’t know how I managed it. Must’ve been the magic quality of the beer.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    …or another miracle of Japanese engineering. But why quibble, beer – bikes both magical fun givers. Thanks for the pointer on the other Bishop[‘]s – makes me want to go out and have a religiously themed drinking night. Hmmmm….where to start?

  3. John’s avatar

    “a religiously themed drinking night. Hmmmm….where to start?”

    Well, there are six great Belgian Trappist beers to begin with (though I doubt you’d want anything else afterwards)

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    How underrated are monks – they preserved the written tradition in the West and mastered hand to hand combat in the East and still had time to make booze that has rarely been bettered in the industrial world.

    The Belgian Trappist beers take their toll, I wouldn’t be a long way short of getting to the Altar Wine. May have to stretch it for all of Lent.

    Any particular favourite in the Trappists?

  5. John’s avatar

    Rochefort 10’s my choice. But since getting to Aus I’ve only drunk Chimay Rouge. Good as a substitute. I find the Chimay Bleu a little on the strong side even though it’s only 9%. However, they’re ALL good to me. Not tried Westmalle (I think that’s how to spell it). Where can these be got in Perth? Isn’t there a Belgian bar somewhere?

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Yes there is and it’s a good one. On the corner of King Street and Murray in town. I’d really recommend going the dinner option.
    Belgian Beer Cafe and Belgian Cafe amongst othersOtherwise there’s the local independent beer importer, the International Beer Shop. They’ve always got a solid range and have always got new stuff coming in to try. The owner’s more than happy to have a chat about them too.

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