Perth, Night, and Life

It’d be fair to describe Perth as a make your own fun kind of place but some others have kindly made the task easier.

First up Robert Corr of Kick & Scream has breaking news on TONIGHT’s Cargo for Congo fundraising gig in Perth.

More good deeds on Saturday night at Freo via Graeme at Middle Path with Circus Saloon – a cowboy themed fundraiser for Cirque Bizirque.

Those with Nor’ Westers can pop over to Rottnest on Sunday to see Mark at twisted hamster in a musical tribute to post dissertation freedom.

Finally, if you’ve been having lessons, enthusiastic or, like me, just downed enough Cuba Libres – a plug for my next door neighbour’s site Perth Latin Dance Scene

Decisions, decisions and with two projects to be finished.

Lapse! Ronnie* would have wanted me to forget something important.

Next Wednesday is the Perth Blog Nite meet-up. I’ll be there and, in spite of this, so should you.

*Must…not…break…prime…directive…Oh look bugger it – here and here. There, that’s better.


  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    Just in case you are trapped at home, here’s a ghost story about a cook –

    via david t.


  2. Anthony’s avatar


    Did very much – thanks it was brilliant.

    With that, the weather, and escaped fugitives on the run here the weekend will now be spent boarded up inside with the mag-light and the chef’s knife.

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