Tarragon Omlette with Mock Ratatouille done in a selection of freshly picked Verbs

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Quick crisper tray job this one.


one small onion -chopped, one clove of garlic-minced, 1 Zucchini -cubed, one tomato-diced, 5 mushrooms-sliced

In that order in some olive oil onion and garlic sauteed in a saucepan until soft, then zucchini and tomato. Cooked a little over a medium heat, finish with the mushrooms and season.


6 free range eggs, 1 tbs of fresh tarragon – minced, pepper

Tried to beat a few egg whites for fluffiness but was having issues keeping the yolks out – poison for decent volumed whipping. I got them to a limp froth and folded in the remaining yolks and white. Added the tarragon and left for 20 minutes.

The tarragon was left over from the bernaise sauce. I’ve not had it in omlettes before but knew it was good for chicken so, well eggs, No? This may be a genetic fallacy.

The filling was added and covered with a single fold of the omlette. It was far better than I expected – best yet says in house critic. The tarragon added an element of unfamiliar familiarity which is no bad thing in food.


  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    (AKA the Gov. who can’t be knackered logging onto blogger.)

    An alternative to photobouquet is cybertarp.com – functions much the same way.

    Carry on. (and stop mocking ratatatatatouille, leave that for cauliflower cheese.)

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks GG for the referential larf and the advice. I think all should be OK with PB from now on but I’ll probably be able to follow up my threat of becoming master of my own domain.

    As for Ratatouille, well it’s easy to mock.

    Enjoy Sydney.

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