If the stores are all closed…

…it must be Wednesday monthly Perth blog meet-up.

Robert Corr wasn’t the first, but he’s got the pics and if they aren’t too scary for you, follow the bouncing ball for the blogging equivalent of Rashomon.

Much thanks to all for a good chat and high quota of laughs, though not enough discussion about chocolate pavlova and oven temperatures.

Didn’t blog this when I got home because I was distracted by rather lewd late night television – no that’s not it. I was distracted by the very happy news that my friends Heath and Yumiko McCabe now have a new son. He’s obviously a bit young to read this but given that their first one is such a clever clogs, it should only be a few more blog meet-ups before he can.

Oh, the chips were good and plentiful, things just keep getting better. Next month!


  1. Robert’s avatar

    ‘Twas good. Much like the chocolate pavlova.

    Congrats to your friends, too.

  2. Anthony’s avatar


    Will wet the young ‘un’s head on your behalf too.

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