Cognito ergo pod

Having popped out not long before man first stepped on the moon, I am 35 today. 35 – never had a truffle, never poached a whole salmon, never roasted a goat – but who cares I now have an iPod. An iPOD! did you hear that, an iPod, oh hello Mr. Tree did you know it can hold 5000 songs, Good Morning Mrs. Bird – look it can organise songs by genre…

I’m the luckiest boy in the world…oh no.


  1. Richard’s avatar

    Happy Birthday! (Only 2 years and 6 days before mine)

    Welcome to the world of musical freedom! We’ll have to exchange Podding tips next meetup.

  2. John’s avatar

    Happy Birthday, you young thing, you!

    Ah the delights of iPod! I’ve heard things in my collection in the past month that I’ve not listened to for years (and some things I wish I’d never listened to!). The task for today, however, is to transfer my vinyl collection onto the iPod. It can be done, but gosh it’s time-consuming.

    Good luck and have a great day.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Gem gem gemini – peas in a pod.

    Based on the high level Mac based convo on Wednesday -“exchanging” would be pretty flattering for me. Looking forward to bludging off your knowledge base.

    Must get home – it’s sitting there fully charged, waiting…

  4. Anthony’s avatar


    I’ve had iTunes for a while but now I’m mobile. Joy! I’ve a very short attention span and find decisions difficult so massive random playlists are heaven for me.

    Thanks, will have great day, all the best in transferring those records – you’ll eventually have the best of both worlds.

  5. Anonymous’s avatar

    Podgito ergo sum – Descartes

    Religion is the iPod of the masses – Marx

    There are no facts, only iPods – Nietzsche


  6. Anthony’s avatar

    hey nice work

    “Philosphers have tried too long to understand their music, the task is to change it” Karl iPod

  7. Anonymous’s avatar


    OK, so you’re almost 3 months younger than me… but who’s counting!!

    So you joined the Pod squad – I also squandered my birthday wishes on tecchie goodies & got a Pentax Z6 but am now regretting not going digital
    :-( Think of all the foodie pics I could have posted by now!

    Will drink a toast to you when we crack open some of the lovely wines we bought at Henley!


  8. Anonymous’s avatar

    Oh, erm, and should the post title not be COGITO, ergo Pod?? Just a thought…


  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Ha! Thank you! Now I get to explain the tortured logic process I go through. Started with “I think therefore I am” – “I” think iPod, then I thought well “I think therefore Pod” which didn’t quite get there. So I thought of the false back formation of incognito and what a pretentious git I am with me pod.

    Sausages – not to be seen being made.

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh BTW cheers – enjoy your wine – did you really buy all of it?

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