Chimay Triple

Blog Boiler Room: Visual Content gauge is reading a little low.

This should fix it.

Monastically made Belgian Chimay Triple/Tripel is one of a few things keeps me an agnostic and Occam’s razor tucked safely away in the back pocket.

Describe it – oh not worthy. You’ll have to go buy yourself one. Now.

Still here? Don’t worry I’ll still be here, there’s a Brune and a Blue still in the pack.

Off you go, go on…


  1. Robert’s avatar

    This seems to be an appropriate time and place to share an email I received yesterday from a mate who is off adventuring around Europe:

    yesterday i went on a holy pilgrimage to plzen the birth place of our lord pilsner, i walked the 200 odd k’s — every 3 steps i prostrated my self on the ground to symbolize my submission before urquell, my companions pigsy and sandy stood on hand to protect me.i can now wear the sacred urquell green hat signifying that i have made the pilgrimage (which all disciples must do at least once in their lives if they are financially able).the day consisted of walking 5 laps around the brewery to signify and demonstrate my belief in urquell; i confessed my sins to the brewmaster (export and VB).finally the day finished with me and other pilgrims throwing stones at a giant carlton cold bottle that symbolises satan and all that is bad an evil on this mortal earth.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Your friend is a devout and funny man. God slow his journey.

    BTW was that you I saw lurking near McDonalds with a rhetorical club waiting for some poor unsuspecting soul? Tsk Tsk

  3. Robert’s avatar

    No no… McDonald’s is a food sin to which I must confess.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Go forth and sin no more – penance is a steak, a salad with home grown vine-ripened tomatoes, a good strong cheddar, a few slices of fresh organic bread and some twice-fried pommes frites

  5. dave’s avatar

    I have the same glass. I love Chimay (I like Corsendonk brown ale better). Nice Blog. I look forward to a regular visit.

  6. Anthony’s avatar


    I’ve neither seen nor heard of it so thanks for the tip. Cute kid – how are the “deep pan?” pizzas treating you?

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