Champagne Moussaka

Not enough gorgeousness in these recipes and not enough use of the verb swirl. I was at the supermarket and apropos of nothing, decided moussaka was the go. I guessed well enough that it had minced lamb, eggplant and nutmeg. A white sauce just needed milk. Several parts: eggplant, white sauce, meatsauce and cheese. The Womans Weekly cookbook from the time of ounces provided the basics.

Meat sauce:

A chopped onion, some minced garlic and half a kilo of beef, sauteed until the rawness. In then went a jar of italian tomato sauce, a tbs of tomato paste, a cup of champagne left over from the weekend in lieu of white wine, a tsp of nutmeg, salt and pepper, all left to simmer away.

White sauce:

50gm of butter, melted, taken off heat and then half a cup of flour whisked in. Salt, pepper and half a tsp of nutmeg. Returned to heat for a minute and stirred. Taken off heat 400ml of milk slowly mixed in . Returned to heat and to boil, stirred until thickened. Then a beaten egg was whisked in. Put aside.


Salted, rinsed, dried, sliced, and then fried in olive oil.


Cheddar grated with some boccocini.


Thinly sliced and microwaved until cooked.


In a greased casserole dish, the potato and eggplant is placed on the bottom. Half the cheese over that. The the meat sauce. Then the white sauce, followed by the rest of the cheese. Bunged in a hot oven for 20 minutes. Marvellous