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The five great Japanese virtues I consistently fall well short of are: obligation, perfectionism, modesty, forgiveness, and generosity.

It’s a sad foody that sits alone with their own creations and sharing is one of the great pleasures of cooking. Enviably talented Pim, of chez pim, has taken the food principle one step upwards and has set up a Spare us a grain of rice campaign on her page for Médecins Sans Frontières. Go!

Also, BARISTA, generous himself, points to a cunning scheme of generosity so Australian taxpayers can play bearded goodness [itself via bearded goodness in Queensland –John Quiggin]. I’m slow,be quick.


  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    Dear Anthony,

    How very sweet of you! Thanks so much for spreading the words and for your generous donation to MSF. And, of course, your very kind compliment, I am blushing. :-)


  2. Anthony’s avatar


    Oi! Can hardly maintain my persona of a heartless bastard if you’re going to blab about my donation can I? ; )

    You’re welcome, the hunt down the back of the sofa was a rewarding one.

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