Eagle Vale Olives

Bugger modesty, I can’t say I was anything but capital C Chuffed to see this on IMBB5.

I forgot to mention – the three fish ceviche used Eagle Vale EVOO. Made up in the Chapman Valley near Geraldton, not sure about local stockist down here but I’ve heard they are available at a Roadhouse somewhere between Dongara and Geraldton. Their green olives they sell in a plastic bucket are great too.

Update Cook sister!: Oil’s well that ends well.


  1. Jeanne’s avatar

    Hey – well done! Top 5 indeed… Soon you will be just tooooo important to correspond with lowly moi ;-)

    I miss “estate” EVOO – Morgenster near Cape Town make a killer one but I haven’t seen it in the UK (it’s probably available at Harrods, oh where did I put that spare million £££’s?). However… as I discovered today, it is available in Australia AND it’s won best Southern Hemisphere Olive Oil!!! Southern Hemisphere rocks!!
    Check it out at http://www.olivebusiness.com/newseasonoils/NS011.htm

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Never! Be nice to people on the way up and they remember you on the way down. :-)

    Olive oils are going for more than most wines down here and at first I thought it was a food-victim thing but I’m being swayed by the $10-$20 range – they go a long way and with bread make for a pretty deluxe snack and the differences in taste make things interesting.

    Yes! Southern Hemisphere – seems every other day, there’s an niche/organic producer coming out here – smart food production, very value added and tasty. They’re even growing developing truffles down here now.

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