Porterhouse with a Red Wine Sauce on Garlic Mashed Potato with Broccolini

Sunday night. Nothing on telly and a severe weather warning outside so home cooking it was. It was a top up between scotch fillet and porterhouse and porterhouse won purely on looks.

The sauce.

– Reduced a cup of beef stock by half and set aside.

– Cooked finely chopped field mushrooms in a dab of butter with a splash of the stock until soft and set aside.

– put a glass of leftover sparkling shiraz and reduced it with a couple of inches of rosemary and some peppercorns. Added the mushrooms and the stock and then reduced a bit further.

The Mash

Chopped up three big spuds and microwaved them until soft. Meanwhile I sauteed 3 cloves of minced garlic mourning that these ostensibly healthy things were drenched in fungicide. So much for colds but at it may at least give my tinea a run for its money. Poured garlic and butter over the spuds, added some milk and then pureed. I then mixed in some garden fresh chopped parsley.

The steak.

Sprinkled with pepper and then cooked quickly in a fry pan with some olive oil.



Mash went on one side of the plate, broccolini on the other, steak on top of the mash and then the sauce went over the steak and into the mash.

Enjoyed a great deal with a bottle of Goundrey’s cabernet shiraz.