You must remember this – Slow Cooked Pork.

Happily watched Casablanca today and marvelled at its moral complexity in dire times and that Kevin Spacey is Peter Lorre. 20th Century classic as it was, it was outdone by the next DVD – Once Upon a Time in Mexico – by having a “10 Minute Cooking School” with Robert Rodriguez as an extra. Marinating in Zip Lock bags, coffee grinder for spices, deveining and seeding chillies – man’s a genius.


  1. Reid’s avatar


    Hey! I use ZipLoc® bags to marinate food too!

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    …and you’ve worked out how to get one of those (R) thingies. I’ve been wondering about them.

    ZipLoc are tops though for getting a good coating and we’re taking them out of the hands of unscrupulous drug dealers.

  3. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    Casablanca, one of my all time favorite films. (Probably prejudiced by the fact that back then, for my 50th birthday I was given tickets to its premiere.)

    If’n you like old fillums, might I point you in the direction of the original version of “Born Yesterday”. (Forget the remake rubbish with Melanie Griffith) Stars Marilyn Monroe’s obvious role model, the wonderful Judy Holliday.

  4. Robert’s avatar

    Why is it that the G-G always has something to hide?

    ® æ µ Ç
    All the special characters you can shake a stick at…

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    I’ve not seen it but I’ll look out for it although video stores are often such depressing experiences here. I’m pining for my old video store in Tokyo which was was five story building and had not just the (non-blockbuster)”foreign film” section but categorised it into nationalities over numerous shelves.
    Speaking of old films and MM, the latest Shell advertisements at the beach have only had the effect of making me want to rent Some like it Hot. The Tony Curtis/family business beach scene is easily an all time favourite.

  6. Anthony’s avatar


    Big cheers. Internet gold! Actually had a real hankering for the umlaut.

  7. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    We just posted an erudite comment (which may or not appear in the fullness of time) before this but so far, nada.

    So we shall repeat ourselves.

    Rob, light … bushel. Oh, and keeping that date which obviously wasn’t August 7th close to our much be-medalled chest. (Well, nobody regards John as a fair dinkum august kinda cove.)

    ý Å © λ Ξ ς ŠØ ¥ ¤ ± ζ ⇔ Σ ∠ Ö Ð ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿

    “although video stores are often such depressing experiences here”

    One of my dubious pleasure is perusing our local video rental store to see what has recently qualified to take up an honoured place on the “Classics” shelf.

    Maybe “Porkies” had just been mis-shelved, though I suspect not. Mrs. Narelle wot runs our very own maison de cinema verité is very astute and assiduous in her cateloguing.

    Is it just us, but has Blogger been decidedly buggy over the past couple of days? Many “Page cannot be displayed” messages, but 3-4 thumps on the link eventually winkles it out into the sunlight. (?)

  8. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar


    (1)That comment did eventually turn up, but as is my want, I deleted it. (Because I can!)

    (2) The link was meant to point here … ý Å © λ Ξ ς ŠØ ¥ ¤ ± ζ ⇔ Σ ∠ Ö Ð ¿ ¿

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    θhanks – easier still.

    I need to fine tune my smut/pop-culture/bad-pun sensors to politics – wish the date would hurry up and I can get back to using chicken giblets in pat&#233. Do let us know.

    Our “festival” section just vanished, I think it had a copy of Cinema Paradiso in it.

    Blogspot’s been very buggy [inches closer to MT].

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