Bauernfr&#252hst&#252ck mit Gewürzgurken

Watched Good bye, Lenin! last night and it left me pondering alternate histories and filial obligation, and wanting for pickles.

I found some German pickles (not Spreewald) at Kakulas Brothers. Nearly got myself in an early morning altercation with a Northbridge boho when I told him they could make him a sandwich if he liked after I got tired of watching him snacking out of the food bins. Who needs pubs. I also bought some pancetta which led to Bauernfruhstuck – Farmer’s Breakfast.

Despite German hosts many years back looking at me like (because) I was a moron when I asked how to make it, I still had a look over the net to check. I found the same recipe in a dozen different locations all with the very unlikely addition of tomatoes and chives.Instead I found this one and went to work,


7 potatoes, 5 eggs with a tiny splash of milk-beaten, 300gm pancetta- chopped, 2 onions-chopped, pepper

Boil the potatoes and the chop into eights. Fry the pancetta and remove and sauteed the onion until soft. Add the potatoes, brown a little, then returning the pancetta. When it’s done, mix in the eggs and turn the heat off. There should be enough to cook the eggs.

Served with pickles and washed down with Schöfferhofer Weissebeer while watching Shadow of the Vampire . Schöfferhofer Weissebeer is a flatter tasting wheat beer but the flavour lingers, dancing on the tongue like tiny smurfs.

Footnote: Wife said the left photo looks like Francis Bacon.

Update: Found this over at fantastic planet – current alerts exist for: Déjà Vu for Good bye, Lenin! watchers; cognitive dissonance for combatants in the Burger wars; and severe bar lifting for aspiring soft-drink copywriters.


  1. FXH’s avatar

    Polski Ogorki = German Pickles?

  2. teddles_russ’s avatar

    Eskal dill pickles in the tin – THE definitive pickle experience in my book…

  3. teddles_russ’s avatar

    And yep, as a kid in Vienna I remember us buying ogorki…

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    A sharp eye and a fine attention to detail but they’re German. Had to check at the shop to spare myself an embarrassment like the last time I demanded to know how a restaurant’s French Toast had made it across the globe so quickly.

    Vienna! The city that was described as having its streets paved with culture? Home of Mahler, Freud, and Loos? Fin-de-siecle intellectual HQ? Gah! But did you have a Valiant ute to do circle work in, hey? hey?
    Thanks for the pickle hint. I might try and find a tin, experiment with more Germanic beer and get the Third Man out. Soon

  5. Jeanne’s avatar

    Re. the left hand pic looking like Francis Bacon – noooo, it looks far too cheerful for that!! Not enough angst…

  6. Reid’s avatar


    Sounds good! Is this like an omelet? I love the taste of good pancetta. There are a few gourmet shops around here that sell it, but it’s quite pricey (US$15.99/lb)!

    I also love to eat pancetta on a baguette with brie and arugula!

  7. Anthony’s avatar


    I get me Frank Bacons confused. There’s Renaissance Frank the Philospher of science and then there’s 20C Frank that I get confused with Bosch. Anyway reminded me of Love Is the Devil as I’m in a bit of a film mood at the moment. Derek Jacobi plays a vindictive luvvie and gets to utter the classic line”Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends”. Think of that next C & C breakfast you’re at.

    No, it’s pretty average if you treat it like a frittata or an omlette, the best way is to coat everything with the raw egg which will cook from the heat. The milk level determines how long this will take.

    That’s pretty expensive for pancetta, try asking for speck and see if that works better. Aussie readers “arugula” is “Rocket”.

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