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How is possible that you can turn the humble bok choy into a food for the elites [Bok choy boy”, Food, June 26-27]? What happened to the good old days when my father could eat a bowl of steamed rice with bok choy and salted fish? Whatever happened to the simple plate of bok choy with oyster sauce? No wonder the average Aussie is absolutely clueless about multiculturalism when elites like yourself pollute, simple humble food with your neo-colonial ideas. What person in their right mind would serve bok choy with salmon?

Anthony Lee

Surely taking the piss. It’s so hard to tell anymore. Aye or naye?

Anyway, salted fish – pah! My dad used to just eat his bok choy straight out of the vege patch, on his hands and knees!



  1. husky9’s avatar

    Bok Choy is such a great greeny that can be serve with almost anything…it just depends how cooked the veg is ….and bok choy with salmon is like a modernisation of chinese crusine. Oh well, food is really personal….I like my bok choy (boil for a few sec) and toss with balsamic vinegar, mirin and mushroom :)

  2. Santos’s avatar

    bok choy straight out of the vege patch–pah! my dad used to just eat the dirt!


    taking the piss, surely. anyway, i hope so.

    love this blog!

  3. teddles_russ’s avatar

    Is green, is good… Just had spinach ravioli in blue cheese sauce, and guess what food purists? I used a pinch of MSG to bring the cheese flavour up, and used “english spinach” as a side. I AM A FOODIE HEATHEN! But everyone loves my food! hehehehe it had to be a PT I think. No-one is that much of a cuisinazi anymore surely?

    BTW Anthony I came to Australia aged 7, and for years I did have a Valiant Ranger and she was a bewdy, travelled Hedland to Perth to all over the West and Southwest, and finally gave up the ghost in Karratha.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Balsamic! Mirin! Shameful! Sounds good, mushrooms – which ones and how?

    – Well when I said “eat” I meant “look at”, and even then only on religious holidays.

    Thanks for the compliment – given you managed to link the Cassini-Huygens probe with Paul Smith over at yours, that’s double thanks.

    You might think you can get away with that kind of stuff but one day we’ll find you and when we do the only food you’ll be eating is hospital food, mate.

    Re:Valiants, beautiful things. Underdog status and a grunty six – lots to like. Overseas readers might wish to go to –Chrysler in Australia – Valiants, Chargers, Pacers, and more. Music lovershere.
    Vienna to Perth, that’s quite a shift at that age. I’m guessing this was at a time when it was still referred to as going into “town”.

    I think yes TTP, or bok choy has become some kind of vehicle for existential anguish for this angry, angry man.

  5. Andy’s avatar

    sometimes simplicity in food is the best. This guy probably remembers these dishes from his childhood and they have great meaning for him. The second part of his comments are a bit much, as people have always experimented with food. Bok Choy and Salmon sounds pretty good to me.
    A friends family used to salt their own fish. We would catch a lot of Tommy Ruffs , clean them and put them in layers with salt in a large wooden wine barrel, weighted down with some bricks. After a few months they were ready to eat, great to eat with fresh bread and some home made wine.

  6. Anthony’s avatar


    Yes. If he’d just reminisced and said simplicity brings out the essence of food he could have had us all nodding and reflecting in guilt on our corruptions.

    The salted fish and home-made wine sounds tremendous. I was talking with a policeman who’d been out Southern Cross way and he was telling us how everybody out there would make their own sausages and grappa. I think we’ve lost something in our culture and have become alienated from our food in many ways.

  7. Megan’s avatar

    I LOVE bok choy with salmon, my mum does a great steamed one.
    That’s how i stumbled across this, because she’s away and I’ve got a craving for it.
    Seriously one of my favourite meals.
    Elite schmeet, as long as it tastes good.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Mr Lee is going to be seriously pissed when he finds out about your Mum.

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