Cream, marmalade and pancake cake

Saturday. Getting behind here, “post” is starting to synch with its original form.

Thought the league game between NZ and the Pacific was as good a game in any form I’ve seen for a long time. So what do you do after a rugby game and a few pints at JB O’Rielly’s – make a cake. I think my rationale at the time was that if I could impress myself in the past with a fried egg toasted sandwich, with this, I’d be practically walking down the aisle with myself.

I’ve made this before, but couldn’t find the recipe anywhere so I worked off memory and the ingredients I had.


wholemeal flour, milk, eggs, melted butter, buttermilk


King Island double cream, bit of icing sugar and a splash of vanilla essence -beaten


Grapefruit Marmalade

Pretty easy really, just make a stack of pancakes and then butter a spring-form cake tin. Crepe, marmalade, crepe, cream, marmalade….until you run out of crepes. Leave in the fridge.

Topped with a glaze of the juice of one orange and equal parts sugar heated in a pan. The glaze either ran down the sides or was soaked up by the top crepe. More work needed here.

Didn’t look the best but it was very adult. Not your candy craving kiddy cake but very sour with the wholemeal being very textured. Paired well with a scoop of and a ’99 bottle of Vasse Felix my hosts had hauled out of the cellar.

BTW Does this thing have a proper name?


  1. Santos’s avatar

    crepe cake: palatschinken? palacsinta?

  2. Anonymous’s avatar

    Say, you *are* bringing one of these on Wednesday, right?


  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Ahmm erm may be making my apologies as I’ll be down in Augusta as close to a log fire as I can get. Next month I’ll bring TWO cakes!

  4. Anonymous’s avatar

    what the fuck

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