Steak Sandwich

This was done a while ago and went MIA

Monstrously good when done well and my servo favourite. Haven’t had a great one for a while. This may be the effect of no longer thinking Fried Meat thing in a Wonton Wrapper called a Dim Sum and Cheese Sausage is great servo food either. A steak sandwich has two things: steak and onions, and bread which is three but anyway two ingredients and nostalgia makes it pretty hard to replicate. A bit like reliving a Spring day in Paris with a piece of cheese and a bottle of red. Worth a try though.

Thought I’d try to push the flavour of the steak a bit with a marinade. The marinade was 2tbs oil, a tbs soy, and a splash of worcestershire, I also added a tablespoon of water with cornstarch for no other reason than I think Chinese do it to make the beef “velvety”.

Onions sliced and fried until softened. Seta aside. Steak, which had been cut into strips for quicker cooking. Seared on one side, turned, and the onions placed on top. Once cooked, placed between two buttered bits of toast.

The marinade made a small difference. The biggest one was, that for not having the steaks pounded down to their last existential thickness, there was a faint tang of blood. Good