365, 38,000, 230 000

The writing exercise Spiceblog is now 1 year old. This is a very good time to say thank you everyone. As neither a writer or a cook, I’m grateful for and humbled by your attentions. They’ve been a constant source of pleasure and pride.

[very deep bow] Kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Found this the other day, don’t know if this is the definitive “how far we’ve come” moment but it made me smile. Norway!


  1. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar


    Your first birthday, what a coincidence! The same age as the container of yoghurt at the back of our fridge.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    but I’m not nearly as cultured.

  3. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    People have been shot for less than that comment!*One more sleep and “Let the feast begin!”

    It is being held at Malmsbury, which for your once upon a time in the west information is a cold, cold winter’s rural hamlet, and the Saturday weather forecast bodes not well for “serve at room temperature”. ‘Rhume’ temperature is more like what I shall be checking as the night wears on and the alcohol wears off.

    Reports of my consumption may be grossly exaggerated. TB or not TB as they say in the hamlet of Malmsbury.

    They don’t actually. They’re far too cultured to say anything like that. Whereas I …

  4. Anonymous’s avatar

    Here’s to many more. Mine’s a large one.

  5. Jeanne’s avatar

    Felix dies natalis tibi, Spiceblog!

    Hope there are many, many more and that we continue to see your amusing prose, mouthwatering recipes and downright impressive experiments with deep-frying.

    Cheers! (she says, clinking her glasses of lovely Graham Beck South African bubbly!)

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Your Lordship
    I know apologies apologies. I’m in firearm country at the moment and almost went out and shot myself after that one. What I should have said is many thanks to you for getting me into this comments business.
    Malmsbury – is this the famous feast that you’re making the trifle for? All the best.

    Thanks to all anonymous people

    Cheers indeed. Ab imo pectore – thank you.

  7. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    Yes. Trifle with backwards brioche, double-cream twist and pike off the 10 metre stove.

  8. Reid’s avatar


    Congratulations on your first anniversary (or first birthday?)!!! Here’s to hoping for many more!

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Thank you Reid, wife is pushing for a home renovation and housework blog instead but it may be a trap.

  10. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    Trifle went down a treat and only a drop-kick away from scenes of gluttony and highly embellished recollections of feasts past … “Snow fell at the top of the 1000-metre Mount Macedon, north-west of Melbourne, and as far down as 600 metres yesterday.”

    We can advise that “Pear, brioche and butter pudding with caramel sauce” when stuffed into one’s socks provides wonderful protection from the cold.

    Foot odour never smelt so sweet.

  11. Santos’s avatar

    maligayang batì, congratulations on a year well-fed! may you have many more, yet the pounds mysteriously melt away….

  12. Anonymous’s avatar

    Congratulations on one year dude! I’ll never look at food the same again!


  13. Anthony’s avatar

    GG ha! Snow! In Australia! You are a treasure. Next thing you’ll be telling us there are cafes, galleries and trams over there. I think somebody’s put a bit too much sherry in the trifle.

    Only way pounds will be melting away for me is if we reverse decimalisation.

    Thanks, it’s a nice compliment. Apologies in advance for this Wednesday blogger meet-up. Hope the e-mails are still coming in ; )

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