Muntadgin Pub

What did we learn after a few hours back here?

  • in 74 years, we’ve yet to build better looking pubs
  • a 10ft pole is not nearly long enough for the “New Country Party”
  • Swan Draft should never have been replaced by Emu Bitter
  • drunkened ciggie bludging is a bad bad bad idea
  • as are bundies and coke
  • as are ribbed steak pans for scrambled eggs with tomatoes and mushrooms.


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    This is the best pub you’ll ever find!

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    I personally have been to this pub lots of times. And believe me, for such a tiny town. It’s one of the best pubs I’ve been to.

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    i live in this town and its the best in the wheatbelt

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    I worked in this pub at the end of 2000/beginning 2001. I have to say that I loved it. The pub and the people were fantastic (wasn’t too keen on my boss though!!!). I would love to call by there again one day!

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    just got back from my third trip out there love it go’n again in september for the 75th birthday bash

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    I’ll see ya there.

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    never been to this pub but have heard a lot about it from 1 of the barmaids its a bit far to come to the pub from south australia. and by the way kylie did donna ever get her nails

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    great pub! Reeks of history and character. They don’t build them like this anymore. We’ll be back!

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    munty pub gose off its the sickest pub out there

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    Best kept pub in the Wheatbelt. Great Staff and the fun times roll on.Sing a longs are so much fun.

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    Best kept pub in munty. Many a quiet ale consumed after afternoon sessions at club garbin. Lovely backpacker staff enjoyed by many. Just a bugger that you have to work in the morning.

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    had a great time at this pub about 15 years ago. i was working at a sheep and wheat farm up the road. I would love to get in contact with the owner of the farm but of course have forgotton his surname. Jim was his first name and his wife was a bit of a dragon. Anyone got any ideas ??

  15. stuart’s avatar

    This the best pub in all the wheatbelt. i used to come over for seeding, only got to the pub every friday or saturday night i cant recall getting home every time i do remember that garbo was always good for a lift. Kathy.Judy, Rusty, Jim, Jock, Dan,Maggie books, Des Boof was the year sheep tails were cooked on the fire

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    hey hey munty resident ere i own that mother fucker pub eh woot and the town

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    i was passing through there one evening and met this girl and she was hot as fire i mean realy i bought her a drink or 2 and when i turned around she was gone where are you my little moon face hottie

  18. amanda hugankiss’s avatar

    Hey i called in there a few weeks back and i think i know that little moon faced hotties name but i cant tell you cause she is only 16 and please dont tell any one else as she used to be a boy.

  19. iva biggen’s avatar

    most people know me in munty as friendly towards young girls around age of 12-16 no older……animals i dont mind as long as they dont bite….so drop by the munty pub ill be there… dont be shy

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    I was born in this pub in 1972 my parents used to run the place. It nearly burnt down a couple of years after that. very fond memories of the Munty Pub and the people from munty.

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    This is a cool pub but only cos of the people that drink there. The owner is a bit on the unstable side and unwelcomming but get some good bar maids and wait for Di to go to Perth and the good times roll!! The shearers rock and there is no one quite like Bravo. Lightie, John Hendricks are the coolest and funniest guys ever!!

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    Your comments are welcome and the owner might be a bit of a dragon but with the crap she has to put up with is there no wonder! If you ever took the time to get to know her you would find a lovely lady, but you half sucked lolly balls wouldn’t know that! Her staff are fabulous as that is how she trains them and with such a fun place to be on any given night why wouldn’t you love it! Most people have used anon as they don’t have the guts to put a name to their comments! Wonder why they are hiding?

  23. aaron’s avatar

    Great pub people and place had many good times long nights made lots of friends.Your old barman Aaron

  24. Anthony’s avatar

    Just popping my head in to say thanks for the comments and great to know people are looking forward. Great pub with many great memories (and memories I can’t really remember)

  25. Kev’s avatar

    Great pub and great town I lived there for many years love the people there, will get back there oneday to say gooday.

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